SOHO IT Improvement

We provide Simplified IT improvement solutions for Small Office Home Office (SOHO).

The scope of services include:

  • Creating online presence
  • Simple stage by stage task process improvement
  • Tedious manual task elimination
  • Office IT environment improvement
  • One-on-one coaching

Website Setup Services

Our main website services includes:

  • Simple business website
  • Blogs (WordPress)
  • Premium themes website setup services (WordPress Setup services)
  • E-commerce website (WordPress add-on)
  • Website administration & maintenance


Why do businesses require a website?

There are many reasons businesses require a website. One of the reason is that a website provides you the online exposure to the international market. It is an important tool for start-ups and Small office home office (SOHO) business owners to promote their products/services through their website as a cost saving method. In addition, a website is crucial to provide potential customers on the company’s details and other important information to gain their trust and interest. A business without a website these days will tend to fend off customer interest as customers are more internet savvy and educated which led them to always do some little research of their before purchasing anything from a company. Therefore, a website still plays an important role here.

Why do I need a website as I have a Business Facebook Page already?

Since technology and internet is always improving and changing. We still believe that a website is plays a crucial role for a company in terms of branding and providing detail contents. Maybe one should think of the Facebook page and website as being dependent to each other and should co-exist together to achieve a greater result for company branding.

How do we fit into the picture?

Our main aim is to provide affordable website services to small office home office (SOHO) business owners and start-up individuals to build their online presence. We understand that creating a website may be time consuming and expensive to some. Some may not be as technology savvy compared to others in doing it yourselves. Therefore,we are determine to help and assist individuals that needs an alternative way to build their affordable online presence and require a helping hand on doing so.

Kindly contact us on how we can assist you on this here.






Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting service?

Web hosting is a service that allows entities and individuals to host their website that is accessible through the Internet -World Wide Web(WWW). It provides a space to contain website contents and other important data for a website to be launched live for public viewing.

Why do we need the web hosting service?

As describe above, we need this service to contain our website contents to be accessible through the internet. In a layman point of view, it’s like a business that requires an office space to proceed with their day to day business operations. Therefore, the web hosting service in this context will act as a virtual office space to your online business or online operations.

What are the basic technical specifications to consider for a web hosting plan?

Basically, most web hosting service are more or less similar and provides the same features nowadays. For a general purpose usage, the technical specification provided by many of the hosting plan may not affect us very much. The main features that we may be concerned is the Web Disk Space and the monthly data transfer quota. The web disk space is like the size  of your office. The bigger the size of your office, the more contents and data you can host or store.

Whereas, the monthly data transfer quota is referred to the amount of data that a user can transfer to and from your website in a month. Unless you are hosting a website that publish many of your own videos and high quality images, the monthly data transfer may not be a serious problem for small office home office(SOHO) business owners and normal usage individuals.

You may check out our hosting plans here and contact us if you are still have more doubts about web hosting.

Domain Names

What are domain names?

As per Wikipedia’s definition, domain names are “hostnames that identify Internet Protocol(IP) resources such as a website”. In simpler term, it’s similar to your company’s name which more commonly used than your company’s registration number. The IP address of domain names is like our company’s registration number which represented by certain number formats.

Why do you need them?

We use domain names as it is human friendly and easier to remember. Similarly, we use our company name rather than remembering the company’s registration number in the real world. We do need domain names to allow us to enter the domain names into the web browser to reach to a website.

Is there restrictions and requirements to register the domain names?

For most of the generics Top Level Domains (gTLDs) such as .com,.net,.org etc, there are no restrictions. The only concern is whether the choosen domain name is available or has been registered . Whereas for other country domain names such Malaysia domain names(.my, etc), you will need to follow the country’s documents requirement such as (company registration number, Identity cards etc) for supporting documents to register. Kindly refer to the following links below to get more details of the respective requirement.

More details related to the Malaysia Domain names. Click here.

More details related to the Singapore Domain names.Click here.

More details related to the China Domain names.Click here.

We offer domain names registrations services for:

  • Top Level Domains(TLDs)-eg:(.com,.net,.org,.biz,.info, etc)
  • Country level domains -eg:(.com,,.sg,.tw,.cn etc)

Refer to the below links to view the domain pricing in details.